Example of emojis used in Slack as reactions to messages (https://slack.com/intl/en-in/blog/productivity/some-of-the-ways-we-use-emoji-at-slack)

Any messaging app uses emojis abundantly. But how do you create an emoji keyboard on your own?

In this blog, we will learn how we can create our own basic emoji keyboard, and also render the reactions for a user just like Slack does.

Let’s start with the most basic…

In the previous blog, we read about how we can create the network module, and how we inject dependencies related to network connections using Hilt.

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ApiClient Interface

interface ApiClient {

@POST("<Your endpoint here>")
suspend fun loginUsingCredentials(@Body requestBody: RequestBody): Token


In the…

Google released Dagger which in contrast to other dependency injection frameworks provides strictly generated implementation (no reflection) meaning that it can be easily used in Android applications.

Dependency injection with a framework like Dagger help in reducing boilerplate code to a great extent and helps developers speed up the development…

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